A self-taught off the beaten track photographer and filmmaker Joel is passionate about exploring unknown places, spaces and people through his work. He is interested in gaining a deeper knowledge of different contextual issues, struggles and representations in order to share his insight, raise awareness and ‘spread the word’.

Joel Sames is an independent photographer who works freelance and on assignment. His work has been showcased in newspapers, magazines, photo-calendars and books, as well as in solo and group exhibitions.
His photography is a reflection and manifestation of his interests: people, cultures and alternative lifestyles.
Joel also loves to play and experiment with different forms of light and exposures in order to create abstract images that appear to be lost in time and scale.

Joel produces short films in the field of education, sports and empowerment. He is interested in listening what others have to say and loves to put that in a visual context.

Joel develops and realizes projects in the field of intercultural exchange, development cooperation and peace work. In addition, he supports several NGOs and organizations by bringing in his experience and sharing his networks.
He has worked with several local-level youth empowerment projects in countries such as Afghanistan, Cambodia and India. These projects use unique forms of expression such as skateboarding and breakdancing in order to provide innovative platforms for youth in difficult contexts.

Joel has held talks and presentations about his work, his photography and the work of the NGOs he represents at events such as: the Frankfurt Book Fare, the Asian Pacific Weeks Berlin, the European University of Voluntary Service, the Archive of Youth Cultures and at several Universities worldwide.

Joel received his Diploma in Postindustrial Design / Interaction Management in 2011 from the Institute of HyperWerk at the Academy of Arts and Design in Basel, Switzerland.
His thesis TRAVERSE analyzes the opportunities of Street Cultures as a tool for conflict transformation and for empowerment of underprivileged children from difficult backgrounds.